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The window restrictor



Window Restrictor is designed to protect kids from accidents caused by falling from windows and also prevents from burglaries. The cable is a stainless steel wire rope which is durable to min 550 kg force and cannot be cut with ordinary tools. The standard length of the Window Restrictor cable is 20 cm. It provides 10 – 15 cm of safe opening depending on the installation. It can be fitted either horizontally or vertically. It is suitable for all kinds of windows and doors. Window Restrictor is a lock with an individual key, which gives an option to open window fully if required. It is easy to install and available in white, grey, brown and black colours.
 From €24.99
Net protection.
Balconies, stairs, open spaces and entresols can cause serious danger to young children, especially when bannisters and guard rails are set wide enough for a curious toddler to fit through. Safety nets are designed especially for balconies, windows and stairs to ensure safety of the ones you care for. They are made of highly resistant polyethylene material with protection against time and weather conditions like sun, rain and snow. Our safety nets provide best protection and stability with the excellent durability and resistance of 300 kg/m². They also allow to keep the esthetic and architectural harmony of your house or apartment. They are virtually transparent, versatile and very easy to install.
From €49.99m² (Installed)
Oven Protector
 Made to prevent kids from burning themselves by touching hot pans, pots and oven surface. It’s a simple solution easy to install but very efficient made by resistant glass that do not allow boiling food or liquids fell over kids
Oven Protection from €79.99
 Dry powder extinguishers are one of the most versatile fire safety products and are suitable for both Class A & B fires. They can also be used on Class C emergencies including electrical hazards and blazes involving liquids and gases. Easily stored, the 1kg powder fire extinguisher can be used in cars, boats, caravans and in the home.
Extinguisher from €29.99
Fire Blankets
 Our Fire Blankets are fully compliant with Irish and European fire safety regulations and standards. These are essential items for any commercial or residential premises. The fire blankets are fitted with quick-release mechanisms and are easily stored in areas where they may be needed most. In the domestic environment it is best practice to have a small to medium size fire blanket within easy reach of high risk areas, such as kitchens. Landlords are legally required to provide fire blankets and fire safety equipment in rented properties in Ireland.
Fire Blanket from €24.99